Welcome to Liturgical Textiles 2003

The exhibition is planned as a debate issue, an attempt to initiate a discussion around the color, form and usage of liturgical textiles. The accompanying texts are also to be found on this Home Page.

Upsala Cathedral, july 20 through September 7, 2003

Our Lady Church, Trondheim
September 25 through Oktober 12, 2003

Liturgical Center´s Michaelsmess Conference, 2003, had its theme Church Style in a new Century.

"The theme is church style and the intention is to focus on a substantial and important facet of liturgical art that relates not only to textile artists but also to a large extent to clergy and church affiliated staff."

The exhibition was opened in connection with a so-called "Culture Walk" encompassing a number of venues around town which housed several exhibitions mounted in connection with this conference.

The Lang House, Visby, January 31 through February 19, 2004

During the time of the exhibition, there was an evening discussion on the subject:
The Chasuble as a Vestment and Symbol; On the Form and Function of the Liturgical Textile within the Service.
Participants included Anki Dahlin, Museum Curator, and Jakob Tronêt, doctoral student, with Associate Professor Åke G Sjöberg as moderator.

Lund Cathedral, June 16 through July, 2004

Copenhagen Cathedral, Our Lady Church, July 9 - oct 23, 2006

The American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis,
1 juni - 7 oktober 2007

Three of the chasubles are exposed in the exhibit